AP 240 H TIER 3

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The AP 240 H Tier 3 Pneumatic Tyred Roller combines tried-and-tested Ammann engineering and design with a hydrostatic system to deliver cutting-edge propulsion.

The full hydrostatic drive series includes a smooth start/stop function, cruise control and adjustable brake settings. The operating station slides and turns, providing excellent visibility while working and easy access during daily maintenance checks.

Four ballast options and the air-on-the-run system, which allows the operator to adjust tyre pressures from the cab, ensure the machine is properly matched to the jobsite.

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  • Rigid frame
  • Tiltable and adjustable steering column
  • Steerable front isostatic axle with oscillating wheels
  • Spacious and comfortable cab
  • Rear drive axle
  • Multifunctional operator display for instant feedback
  • 1 turnable and slidable working station
  • Intuitive control and handling
  • Exceptional operator visibility
  • Electronic turbo-aspirated Cummins diesel engine
  • Air-on-the-run for effortless tyre pressure adjustment; controlled from cab
  • 4 ballasting options
  • Additional ballasting space of 3 m³ in frame
  • Easy access to service points, drain ports and filters


Dimensions Metric
A = Machine Length 5040 mm
B = Wheelbase 3800 mm
C = Machine Height 3130 mm
D = Machine Height (folded ROPS) 2430 mm
E = Drum Width 2040 mm
F = Machine Width 2100 mm
Operating weight max. 24000 kg
Operating weight (CECE) 9630 kg
Wheel load max. 3000 kg/wheel
Compacting width max. 2040 mm
Number of wheels 8 (4+4)
Tyres dimension 11,00 x 20´´
Travel characteristic
No. of travel speeds 3
Max. speed 19 km/hr
Gradeability 25 %
Make Cummins
Type QSB 3,3-C 99
Rated power (DIN 6271) ISO 3046/1 74 kW
Emission stage EU Stage IIIa/ Tier 3
Drive type Hydrostatic
Gearbox type
Number of speeds 3 gears, reversible
Turning radius inner (edge) 6180 mm
Turning radius outer (contour) 9960 mm
Steering and Oscillating angle 32/3 (±) °
Operation Hydrostatic
Parking SAHR
Emergency SAHR
Fuel 250 l
Water 460 l
Emulsion liquid 50 (optional) l


  • Open driver’s platform with railing and protection against vandalism
  • Cummins engine Tier 3
  • 4 + 4 smooth diagonal tyres 18 PR
  • Isostatic front axle
  • Rear axle with hydrostatic drive
  • Halogen work lights


  • CE conformity kit
  • Heated and ventilated cab
  • Air conditioning
  • ROPS protective frame
  • Water ballast option (3 ton)
  • Additional ballast up to 24 ton
  • Thermal aprons
  • Edge cutter
  • Radial tyres

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