ARP 35 TIER 4i

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The Ammann ARP 35 Tier 4i Pivot-Steer Roller features pivot steering that provides manoeuvrability and the flexibility to take on varied applications.

The tandem, rigid-frame roller features two smooth, vibrating, hydrostatic-driven steel drums. The roller is lighter and compact, making it a good fit on jobsites with walls or elevated curbs. The tight turning radius is another productivity boost on tight jobsites.

Helping the operator is the sliding station and machine design, which provide good views to both drum edges.

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  • Sliding operator’s station with 2 drive levers
  • Simple dashboard layout
  • Easy and precise steering
  • Excellent manoeuvrability
  • Reliable and easy service and maintenance
  • Combination version available with a single steel drum and rubber tyres

Dimensions Metric
A = Machine length 3000 mm
B = Wheelbase 2200 mm
C = Machine height 2387 mm
D = Machine height (removed CAB / ROPS) 1755 mm
E = Drum width 1100 mm
F = Machine width 1198 mm
H = Ground clearance 600 mm
I = Drum diameter 800 mm
J = Drum shell thickness 15 mm
Operating weight CECE with platform, ROPS 3200 kg
Static linear load – front drum 14,5 kg/cm
Static linear load – rear drum 14,5 kg/cm
Driving characteristics
Maximum transport speed 10 km/h
Climbing ability without vibration 35 %
Climbing ability with vibration 30 %
Turning radius inner (edge) 2390 mm
Turning radius outer (contour) 3600 mm
Type of drive Hydrostatic
Oscillation angle ± 6  °
Angle of steering ± 22 °
Manufacturer Deutz
Type D2011 L03i
Power 36 kW
Engines complies with emission regulations EU Stage IIIb/EPA Tier 4 interim
Operating Hydrostatic
Parking Mechanical multiple-disc
Emergency Mechanical multiple-disc
Amplitude 0,47 mm
Low frequency 47 Hz
High frequency 60 Hz
Low centrifugal force 22 kN
High centrifugal force 35 kN
Type of sprinkling system Pressure
Number of pumps 1
Number of filtrations 3
Fluid capacities
Fuel 80 l
Water sprinkling system 290 l
Voltage 12 V
Battery capacity 66 Ah
Noise and vibration emissions
Guaranteed sound power level A 106 dB
Highest weighted effective value of acceleration of vibrations transmitted to the whole body <0,5 m/s2
Total value of acceleration of vibrations transmitted to hands <2,5 m/s2
Level of sound pressure affecting operator (platform) 89 dB
  • CE conformity with folding ROPS
  • Two drive levers
  • Sliding driver’s seat
  • Both drums vibrating
  • Working lights
  • Vibration – automatic
  • Road lifting
  • Sprinkler-system with timer
  • Foldable scrapers
  • Back-up alarm
  • Warning beacon
  • Slow moving vehicle (SMV) sign
  • Tool kit
  • Customer colour
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Bio degradable oil
  • Filters for the first 500 h
  • Filters for the first 1000 h
  • Kombi front axle with thermal aprons and emulsion sprinkling system
  • Edge cutter with sprinkling nozzle

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