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The Ammann AV 130 X Tier 3 Articulated Tandem Roller combines its operating weight of 13.080 kg with drum dimensions, frequencies and amplitudes to deliver optimum compaction results.

The roller has two frames connected by a double joint that enables crab steering on each side. Despite its size, the roller remains manoeuvrable with the help of its crab-steering system, which also helps the operator view the drum, sprinkler system and surfaces.

A unique propulsion system drives the roller. The power train is situated in the rear frame. Independent pumps for drive and vibration provide optimal traction and compaction force.

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  • ACEforce compaction control system
  • Integrated ROPS
  • Excellent view to drum surface, edges and sprinkling system
  • Rotating/sliding seat
  • 2 drive levers for easy operation
  • Cabin isolated from heat and vibration
  • 2 amplitudes and frequencies
  • Balanced drum dimensions
  • Reliable, long-life vibration system
  • Large water tanks
  • Independent, double-pump system drum drives
  • Excellent traction, even in difficult terrain
  • Double joint enables crab steering
  • Steering angle and compact design for manoeuvrability
  • Convenient access to service points and fluid ports


Dimensions Metric
A = Machine length 4875 mm
B = Wheelbase 3252 mm
C = Machine height 3060 mm
D = Machine height (removed CAB / ROPS) 2390 mm
E = Drum width 2100 mm
F = Machine width 2222 mm
H = Ground clearance 770 mm
I = Drum diameter 1350 mm
J = Drum shell thickness 20 mm
Operating weight maximum 13870 kg
Compacting width 2100 mm
Drum offset 160 mm
Operating weight (CECE) 13080 kg
Front drum load (CECE) 6610 kg
Rear drum load (CECE) 6470 kg
Front drum linear load 31,5 kg/cm
Rear drum linear load 30,8 kg/cm
Steering angle (+ -) 34 °
Oscillation angle (+ -) 6 °
Turning radius inner (edge) 4670 mm
Transversal stability – straight 30 °
Riding characteristic
Maximal speed 11,4 km/h
Gradeability without vibration 40 %
Gradeability with vibration 30 %
Operation Hydrostatic
Parking Multidisc
Emergency Multidisc
Amplitudes 0,8/0,4 mm
Frequencies 42/55 Hz
Centrifugal forces 135/116 kN
Watering Pressure
No. of pumps 2
Water filtration stages 3
Fuel 210 lt
Water 1000 lt
Electrical Installation
Voltage 12 V
Capacity of batteries 135 Ah
Make Cummins
Type QSB4.5-C130
Rated power 97 kW
Standard ISO 3046/1 (DIN6271)
  • Engine Cummins complying EU Stage III / EPA Tier 3
  • Open driver’s platform with railing and protection against vandalism
  • Two amplitudes and two frequencies
  • Hydrostatic drive front and rear drums
  • Rotating and sliding operator’s station
  • Adjustable seat and steering column
  • Pressurized sprinkling system
  • Working lights front and rear
  • Scrapers
  • Inter-axle differential lock
  • CE conformity kit
  • ROPS cab ventilated and heated
  • ROPS protection frame on driver’s platform
  • Sun canopy for open platform version
  • Air conditioning
  • Radio
  • Edge cutter
  • IR Thermometer
  • Additional working headlights
  • ACEforce (CCC System)

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