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The Ammann AFW 270 is the only asphalt paver in its class offered in a wheeled version. It is ideal for use in narrow workspaces and small parking lots.

These pavers have been designed for use on small and narrow sites where their compact dimensions, manoeuvrability and traction prove essential. The four-wheel-drive traction even provides a good transfer speed, reducing idle time.

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  • The only wheeled paver in its size class
  • Paving width range of 500 mm to 3330 mm
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Two independently driven, reversible conveyors
  • Electric and gas screed heating systems available
  • Electrohydraulic auger height adjustment
  • Excellent operator visibility
  • Low discharge height for easy loading


Weights & Dimensions
Operating weight 5200 kg
A = Machine length 4250 mm
B = Transport length 4100 mm
C = Machine height 3100 mm
D = Transport height 2800 mm
E = Machine width 2900 mm
F = Transport width 1650 mm
G = Wheel gauge 1180 mm
H = Material loading height 560 mm
I = Hopper length 1350 mm
Screed FSV 270
Standard Paving width 1400-2730 mm
Max. w/extension 3330 mm
Min. w/reduction plates 500 mm
Screed type Vibration
Heating Gas / Electric
Engine & Drivetrain
Manufacturer Deutz
Type D2011L03i
Engine cooling system Oil / Air cooling
Rated Power 33,2 kW
Undercarriage Wheeled
Tyres 265 x 70-R17,5
Directional wheels 415 x 180
Transmission type Hydrostatic
Steering type Hydraulic
Internal turning radius 2,8 m
Max. theoretical paving capacity 150 t/h
Mat thickness 5-250 mm
Speed (transfer) 10 km/h
Speed (paving) 40 m/min
Material Feeding
Hopper capacity 6 t
Conveyor belts Two independent, reversible
Augers Two independent, reversible
Auger height adjustment E-Hydraulic
Tank capacities
Fuel 70 l
Hydraulic oil 75 l
Emulsion spray 15 l
  • Automatic heating control
  • Electro-hydraulically adjustable augers height
  • Four wheel drive (DT)
  • The ISR system (Screed Assist)
  • Folding canopy (Standard on Man on board version) for AFT 270
  • Longitudinal levelling system
  • Slope control system
  • Reduction plates at 500 mm paving width
  • Mechanical extensions to 3330 mm paving width
  • Folding canopy (Optional on F-version)
  • Proportional ultrasonic augers control
  • On-Off ultrasonic augers control
  • Electro-hydraulic crown profile adjustment

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