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Versatility makes ABA 100-340 UniBatch one of the most popular Ammann plants. The plant is among the lower-cost alternatives and is easy to operate and maintain. It also is known for its reliability.

ABA 100-340 UniBatch offers more flexibility than some other plants. It is easily customisable and often involves on-site Ammann engineering to ensure the potential of the plant is fully realised. Its layout is flexible and the plant is adaptable as a start-up or is easily integrated into existing sites.

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  • Wide output range from 100 t/h to 340 t/h
  • Maximum customisation options combined with top performance and economic efficiency
  • Designed for worldwide use, with mixing tower modules providing ease of transport
  • Robust, tried-and-tested technology
  • Optional feed for additives such as dye pigment, fibres and Ammann Foam
  • Can be fitted and extended with numerous options
  • Engineered for easy integration of future options and technologies
Capacity 100 – 340 t/h
Mixer size 1.7 – 4.3 t
Hot aggregate silo 29 – 40 t
Hot mix storage silo 40 or 30 t (2 Compartments)
Control system as1
Recycling System RAC / RAH 50 / RAH 60

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