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ACP 120-300 ContiMix provides the benefits of both batch and continuous plants, delivering the productivity and flexibility you need. It also is known for high outputs at low production costs and producing high quality homogenous mixes.

The clear separation of the material heating and mixing processes reduces emissions and allows all the ingredients to be fed directly into the twin-shaft mixer, which also serves as a buffer and allows recipe changes on the fly, thereby eliminating costly stops and starts.

Like all Ammann mixing plants, the ACP 120-300 ContiMix is equipped with the tried-and-tested core components including the dryer, mixer and control system.

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  • Output of 120 t/h to 320 t/h
  • Heat-sensitive bitumen may be added to the mixed material outside of the dryer
  • Minimal investment and operating costs
  • Excellent mixing performance and mix quality
  • Clearly separated heating and mixing processes
  • No loss of material during start-up and shut down because of “zero waste” system
Capacity 120 – 300 t/h
Mixer size 4 t
Content Cold Feeder 7.5, 10, 12 or 15 m3
Hot mix storage silo 25 t – 300 t
Control system as1
Recycling System RAC / RAH 50 / RAH 100

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